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AQUA SOLUTIONS' Reverse Osmosis (RO) Pretreatment


AQUA SOLUTIONS Reverse Osmosis (RO) Pretreatment Systems are available with RO production rates of 10-60 Liters/Hour for our standard bench top systems and 1-2 gallons/minute for High Capacity frame mounted systems. The systems remove 95-99% of the contaminants in tap water, representing a cost-effective technology for pre-treating tap water prior to final purification by a DI system.

They operate on tap water with up to 1,000 PPM total dissolved solids and most systems include built-in pre-filters. A variety of storage tank options are available including pressurized tanks that prevent the risk of airborne contamination and eliminate the need for additional feed pumps.

Please select one of the lab water systems listed below for detailed product specifications and additional information.
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Reverse Osmosis

Model Number RO Production Feed Water Quality/TDS Storage Capacity Carbon Pre-Filter TDS Monitor Electrical Requirements
RO2000-01 1-GPM< 1,000 PPMNot IncludedBuilt-InBuilt-In120/240 VAC
RO2001 10-LPH< 1,000 PPM42-LiterBuilt-InBuilt-In120 VAC
RO2121 10-LPH< 1,000 PPM42-LiterBuilt-InBuilt-In100-240 VAC
RO2000-03 2-GPM< 1,000 PPMNot IncludedBuilt-InBuilt-In240 VAC
RO2002 20-LPH< 1,000 PPM130-LiterBuilt-InBuilt-In120 VAC
RO2122 20-LPH< 1,000 PPM130-LiterBuilt-InBuilt-In100-240 VAC
RO2003 30-LPH< 1,000 PPM130-LiterBuilt-InBuilt-In120 VAC
RO2004 40-LPH< 1,000 PPM130-LiterBuilt-InBuilt-In120 VAC
RO2006 60-LPH< 1,000 PPM130-LiterBuilt-InBuilt-In120 VAC