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Model: 2035BU - Biological Grade Type I DI System

This AQUA SOLUTIONS unit operates on pre-treated tapwater. For ordinary water operations, see (Model: 2036B).

Laboratory water purification systems are also available with a built-in Dual wavelength UV Oxidizer/Sterilizer (Model: 2035BL).

The Purification Kit Number 2635M1T is required to ensure optimal performance of this laboratory water purification system.

This system produces 18.2 Megohm-cm type I ultrapure, reagent grade water that is free of Pyrogen, Endotoxin, RNase and DNase at a flow rate of 8-12 Liters/minute.

The unit operates on pre-treated feed water that contains less than 20 PPM of total dissolved solids. This laboratory water purification system also includes a built-in 5,000 MWCO ultrafilter cartridge.

The built-in UV Sterilizer prevents the growth of microorganisms within the system and alerts you when it is time to change the UV lamp.

More Information

All AQUA SOLUTIONS Biological Grade Type I DI Laboratory Water Purification Systems produce purified water that meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and CLSI specifications for Type I reagent grade water.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultrafilter removes Pyrogen, Endotoxin, RNase and DNase
  • UV Sterilizer prevents the growth of microorganisms within the system
  • High ion exchange capacity (12,000 Grains) CaCO3 to a 0.02-Megohm end point
  • Ultrapure water available on demand up to 7 ft. from the system via the included remote dispenser (Part # 2700-DISP-R)
  • Continuous recirculation is utilized to ensure water quality and prevent the growth of microorganisms within the system
  • Final filtration of 0.22 µm capsule (Part# - DC2022)
  • This item is on our GSA Contract # GS-07F-5799R
  • Two (2) year system warranty (US & Canada only)
  • Made in USA

Pure Water Specifications

Resistivity 18.2 Megohm-cm - Ultrapure
Conductivity 0.056 MicroSeimens/cm - Ultrapure
Ultrapure Grade Details Biological - Meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP, CLSI, and USP Specifications for Type I water.
TOC < 50-PPB
Flow Rate Details 8-12 Liters/minute
Particulates 0.1-Micron
Bacteria < 1 cfu/ml
Pyrogen/Endotoxin < 0.001 EU/ml
RNase < 0.01 ng/ml
DNase < 4 pg/µL
Flow Rate 8-12 LPM

Feed Water

Feed Water Quality For operation on water that has been pretreated via reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization by a central or point-of-use pretreatment system, and contains less than 20 PPM of TDS (total dissolved solids).
Water Connection User supplied 1/2" NPTF valve (1/2'" Tube X 1/2" NPTM fitting included with system)
Inlet Connection 1/2" Tube fitting (20 ft. of tubing supplied with system)

Optional Upgrades

UV2006X-2 Dual wavelength UV Oxidizer/Sterilizer - Reduces TOC levels to < 5 PPB and prevents the growth of microorganisms within the system.

System Specifications

Cabinet Dimensions Width - 20 in (508 mm), Depth - 12 in (305 mm) Height - 20 in (508 mm)
Mounting Bench, Shelf, or Wall (no additional charge)
Operating Weight 75 - 100 lbs (34 - 45 kg) cabinet only
Input Power Requires one 100-240 AC, 50/60Hz, 1.0A grounded receptacle within 5' of the right side of the system cabinet
System Power Source Switching power supply - 12 VDC at 2.5 Amps
Minimum Inlet Pressure 30 psi (2 bar)
Maximum Inlet Pressure 100 PSI (6.6 bar)
Total shipping weight 50 lbs (23 kg)


2635M2T Required Purification Kit - Includes a 2613PT Pre-treatment DI Module, a 2613TO High purity DI module, a CC1050 Carbon Pre-filter, and a DC2022 0.22-Micron Final Filter
UV2006LS-2 UV Sterilizer Lamp
(2) UF200RM-Q 0.05-Micron (5,000 MWCO) Ultrafilter - Removes Pyrogen, Endotoxin, RNase, & DNase
DC2022 0.22 micron (absolute) capsule
CC1050 10" 1-Micron Activated Carbon Prefilter