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Why Choose a RO+DI system

Published in Water Filtration
Written by Nicholas Papp

Creation Date Wednesday, 20 April 2011.

The RO+DI system can produce better quality water, at lower cost, than systems without built-in RO pretreatment. This laboratory water purification system is ideally suited for applications where the existing central RO, DI or distillation pretreatment system is either unreliable, overloaded (with regard to capacity), or nonexistent in a particular location.It is also suitable for applications where either space or funding limitations preclude purchasing separate RO and Type I DI systems.

The RO portion of the system features fully automatic operation. It includes an activated carbon prefilter, product and reject flow meters, one or two TFC (thin film composite) high-capacity RO cartridges, and an external 30, 42, 130, or 200 Liter pressurized tank for storing the RO purified water for later use by the DI system. The Type I DI portion of the system features a high-purity TOC reduction and DI polishing module, continuous recirculation, a digital resistivity monitor that meets USP 29 specifications, a remote dispenser, and a 0.1 micron (absolute) final filter capsule.

About the Author

Nicholas Papp

Nicholas Papp

Nicholas Papp has a B.S. in Physics, with Minors in Chemistry and Math, from Baldwin-Wallace College. He is the Vice President and General Manager of AQUA SOLUTIONS, INC., and has worked in the water filtration/purification industry for more than 35 years.