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U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to grant up to $400,000 for water purification research

Published in Lab Water Purification News
Written by Nicholas Papp

Creation Date Friday, 01 February 2013.

Authorized by Congress under the Water Desalination Act of 1996, the DWPR program aims to facilitate partnerships with various sectors of the community to develop more cost-effective, technologically efficient, environmental, and implementable means to desalinate water. AQUA SOLUTIONS recognizes the need to deliver highest purity reagent grade water in desalination and water purification researches like these, and offers Type I Reagent Grade DI SystemsType II Reagent Grade DI Systems, and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Pretreatment Systems for analytical and biological applications.

Eligible applicants included individuals or organizations academic institutions, commercial or industrial organizations private companies, and other government agencies, provided that they are non-federal entities. All reports generated from the DWPR program are published on the Reclamation's website.

The project management and administration of the DWPR program is assigned to the Reclamation's Water Treatment Engineering Research (WaTER) Team. The Reclamation has awarded over $1.7 million for 16 desalination research and cooperative agreements, and over $6 million in total desalination research, including matching contributions. The DWPR grant announcement is available on under announcement number R13SF80004.

About the Author

Nicholas Papp

Nicholas Papp

Nicholas Papp has a B.S. in Physics, with Minors in Chemistry and Math, from Baldwin-Wallace College. He is the Vice President and General Manager of AQUA SOLUTIONS, INC., and has worked in the water filtration/purification industry for more than 35 years.