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Stallion Springs Plans to Upgrade Its Wastewater Treatment Facility

Creation Date Tuesday, 28 October 2014.

Stallion Springs Plans to Upgrade Its Wastewater Treatment Facility

Stallion Springs Community Services District (CSD) planned to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility to a tertiary treatment plant. This is to extend its services to the residents of mountainstop community in the Kern County, California. The amelioration of the facility is part of the district’s preparation on the imminent expiration of the operational plant’s permit in five years.

Since the CSD operates a secondary wastewater treatment facility that treats and discharges domestic wastewater into Chanac Creek, the plant is required to operate under a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. It is a Clean Water Act that regulates program controls and point sources needed for significant improvement of water quality across the United States.

Stallion Springs wastewater treatment plant is recognized for its unswerving operational capacity since its construction in 1971, however, the facility has not undertaken significant upgrades from then on. According to Mary Beth Garrison, Stallion Springs Community Services District General Manager, “Upgrades involve compliance on the new permit’s discharge requirements since the next permit will trigger much more stringent conditions.”

In addition, such facility upgrade must meet new requirements for tertiary treatment of wastewater in the Stallion Springs community. The tertiary treated water potentially saves potable water for residential and commercial use. To further pursue this project, “CSD is currently looking funding sources and to secure a grant to help cover some or all of the cost,” Garrison added.

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