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Southwest Clean Water Plant Initiates City Wastewater Treatment

Creation Date Friday, 15 August 2014.

Southwest Clean Water Plant Initiates City Wastewater Treatment

The Southwest Clean Water Plant (SWCWP) successfully initiated the entire city’s wastewater treatment. One of the two prominent wastewater treatment facilities in the City of Springfield, SWCWP aims to assist in providing safe and clean water supply for public consumption. According to Kelly Green, Plant Manager at Springfield's Southwest Clean Water, the plant could treat an average of 28 million gallons a day. He added that “...the people of Springfield should be proud of the Wastewater plants that they have, both plants are award-winning plants." The SWCWP facility maintained its 8th consecutive year with zero National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit violations.

The treatment process involves different phases to improve water quality without any hazardous environmental impact. Initially, the water would be filtered to remove unnecessary grease oils, which can damage facility equipment. After the filtration process, the water would then be treated through an aeration basin to promote biochemical oxidation of wastewaters. During this stage, specific bacteria would be cultivated to consume waste in the water. As the wastewater would pass through the final ozone disinfection stage, clean water would then be discharged to Wilson’s Creek and go directly to the neighboring water trails, namely, James River and Table Rock Lake.

SWCWP began its operation in 1959 with a flow capacity of 12 million gallons per day and has undergone vast improvements to follow the constantly changing demands in regulations and technology. Since then, the plant has maintained high the quality treatment of residential and industrial waste from septic tanks, restaurants and other wastewater venues.

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