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Loving County Unveils Unique Water Desalination Plant

Creation Date Friday, 08 August 2014.

Loving County Unveils Unique Water Desalination Plant

Loving County recently unveiled a new water desalination plant for treating brackish water in Mentone, Texas. The first of its kind throughout the region, the plant was installed for drinking water production. The county and the federal Bureau of Reclamation funded the project through the WaterSMART grant program.

The facility incorporated the highly innovative DyVar technology in its operations, vastly improving the fixed central treatment of large volumes of water. The water treatment plant was designed to process brackish groundwater, produced water, and frack water through the technology. Midland Engineering firm of Burgess developed the facility with a new solar power plant, brackish water well, storage tanks, and booster pumps.

SaltTech, a member of the Dutch Water Technologies Group (DWT), manufactured the DyVar technology. The water being treated undergoes evaporation stage through the technology’s special cyclone chambers, which is the unique feature of the patented technology. Pure water is then condensed from steam and the brine is collected as a solid for disposal.

The state of Texas conducted a pilot test to demonstrate the production of drinking water into the public drinking water system using this new process. This breakthrough technology could be useful in running desalination operations in 46 municipal brackish water desalination facilities across the state.

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