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IDA to launch online reverse osmosis (RO) certification program

Published in Lab Water Purification News
Written by Nicholas Papp

Creation Date Monday, 11 February 2013.

David Paul, President of DHP, says that there is an increasing need for advanced water treatment in the industry and expertise in the use of purification systems like AQUA SOLUTIONSType I DIType II DI and Reverse Osmosis equipment. With the IROC, water treatment professionals can have in-depth training and become certified experts in reverse osmosis processes.


“IDA is very pleased to announce this strategic alliance with DHP, a recognized leader in advanced water treatment training programs for 25 years. Not only does it enhance the range of courses offered by the IDA Desalination Academy, it also adds an important online learning component to our curriculum -- one that benefits both the participant and the organization he or she represents,” said Leon Awerbuch, Interim Dean of the IDA Desalination Academy.“Ultimately, we want IDADesalinationAcademy course participants to think of themselves as inventors of new solutions that will solve next generation water projects. We want them to be inspired during the training so that, in addition to acquiring substantive technical information, they will be motivated to continue their professional growth, contribute to the industry, and excel.”


The IDADesalinationAcademy is a global institute for specialized training in desalination and a higher school for special study in this field. Its mission is to provide the highest level of training, education and instruction to individuals, utilities, companies, institutions, universities and other organizations interested in desalination in all its aspects.

About the Author

Nicholas Papp

Nicholas Papp

Nicholas Papp has a B.S. in Physics, with Minors in Chemistry and Math, from Baldwin-Wallace College. He is the Vice President and General Manager of AQUA SOLUTIONS, INC., and has worked in the water filtration/purification industry for more than 35 years.