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Helping the Pharmaceutical Industry Tackle the Evolving Challenge of Water Quality

Creation Date Monday, 27 January 2020.

Helping the Pharmaceutical Industry Tackle the Evolving Challenge of Water Quality

Dr. Andrea F. Gullà, Senior Director of Water and Laboratory Product R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific, recently published an article on Technology Networks discussing the significant role of water in the pharmaceutical industry’s different application processes and the challenges that the industry faces during the municipal water treatment process that supplements drug development efforts.

In the article, Dr. Gullà explains that each application has its own specific water quality requirements, therefore making it imperative for pharmaceutical companies to implement strict treatment and monitoring processes to ensure the impurities present in the water do not interfere with its intended use.

However, there are constant threats to maintaining lab-grade water. Such threats include the changing chemical and biological impurities found in water that in turn increases the costs of obtaining pharmaceutical water to continue development and production.

Fortunately, says Dr. Gullà, ongoing advancements in the water treatment and monitoring technologies are supporting the development of more efficient and effective purification processes. One such advanced technique revolves around an electrochemistry-based filtration strategy that purifies water by generating oxidants and other chemicals that are short-lived and have minimal to no impact on most of the common pharmaceutical applications. Through these innovative approaches, drug developers are able to attain reliable lab-grade water without the complexity and expense of more intensive chemical techniques.

Read the full article here to discover more ongoing advances in pharmaceutical water purification technology

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