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Forward Osmosis Promotes Green Technology in Water Treatment Processes

Creation Date Monday, 29 September 2014.

Cleantech Blog published an entry entitled “Forward Osmosis – Solving Tomorrow’s Water Challenges Using Nature’s Remedy.” The article discussed the great potential of forward osmosis in solving the surging water and sanitation crisis around the world.

Forward Osmosis is a desalination technique which duplicates nature’s ingenious way of extracting water and turns it into a green technology. The process separates clean water and dissolved solutes through the use of naturally occurring osmotic pressure and semi-permeable membrane which leave solids and foulants behind the concentrated feed solution.

The dynamics of forward osmosis is opposite from reverse osmosis which requires hydraulic pressure to forcefully push water through the membrane. In forward osmosis, water molecules migrate by diffusion without requiring electrical energy inputs. Nonetheless, forward osmosis offers a vast of technological advantages that is essential for continued development in water treatment processes.

Aside from its normal occurrence in nature, forward osmosis’ wide-ranging advantages include reduction of energy consumption of water, strong resistance from fouling limitations inherent in pressure-driven membrane separations, proper filtration and concentration of difficult products and waste streams.

Both forward osmosis and reverse osmosis are capable of solving the most difficult water filtration and recycling problems. Aqua Solutions recognizes the membrane technology and provides premium-quality reverse osmosis (RO) systems ideal for pre-treating tap water prior to final purification. To learn more our vast selection of reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment systems, visit