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Demand for high purity water boosts membrane and RO systems market

Published in Lab Water Purification News
Written by Nicholas Papp

Creation Date Friday, 15 March 2013.

Business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan held a web conference last March 13 discussing the increasing penetration of membrane technologies, including reverse osmosis (RO),microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration. Research analyst Paulina Szyplinska lead the event and explained how membrane filtration systems can address global water challenges by ensuring high quality supply to the laboratory, industrial and even the global population.


The global challenge of water stress and scarcity has been accentuated by the growing population, progressing water pollution and rapid economic development in the emerging regional markets. This is driving the demand for advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies and solutions such as reverse osmosis systems. And this demand has established a $5.5 billion market size in 2012, one of the fastest growing technology segments witnessing double digit growth rates. The increasing penetration of membrane systems across the water cycle has led to innovative management approaches, the improvement of water supply, treatment, conservation as well as to the much needed rise in reuse and recycling water.


"The global membrane water and wastewater treatment market is expected to experience significant growth in this decade, driven by the ongoing focus on high quality drinking and demand for high purity process water in water intensive and critical sectors,"Szyplinska said before the conference.


The market is fueled by rising levels of wastewater reuse and recycling, increasing number of membrane-based desalination plants as well as implementation of stricter environmental legislation. The key leading regions of Asia Pacific, Americas and Europe are expected to maintain their strong position in the membrane treatment market with substantial growth projected for Asia Pacific, as a result of rapid industrialization of the region as well as increasing water stress leading to the demand for membrane based solutions.


AQUA SOLUTIONS recognizes the impact of membrane-based water treatment in the industry, and offers the most affordable and reliable reverse osmosis (OS) systems for pretreatment prior to final filtration of DI systems.


About the Author

Nicholas Papp

Nicholas Papp

Nicholas Papp has a B.S. in Physics, with Minors in Chemistry and Math, from Baldwin-Wallace College. He is the Vice President and General Manager of AQUA SOLUTIONS, INC., and has worked in the water filtration/purification industry for more than 35 years.