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Conducting Research on Highly Pathogenic Viruses Using Virus Pseudotypes - The Influence of Ultrapure Water on Data Quality

Creation Date Thursday, 21 June 2018.

In recent years, Ebola has claimed more than 11,000 lives in West Africa. Ebola, among other highly pathogenic viruses, pose a grave threat to human life that should never be underestimated. To combat this recurring epidemic, it is of utmost importance to determine how these viruses emerge.

On November 12, 2017, Labmate published an article on how virus pseudotypes optimize the process of pinpointing the entry pathways of these viruses. The entry highlights the significance of using ultrapure water for the production and quality of these virus pseudotypes. The article tackled a parallel experiment that generated two batches of virus pseudotypes. Demineralized water was used in producing the first batch, while the second batch of virus pseudotypes utilized ultrapure water in its production.

As an end result, using ultrapure water was hailed as the optimal choice for virus pseudotype production. In terms of quantity, ultrapure water yielded more virus pseudotypes compared to demineralized water. Furthermore, ultrapure water heightened the overall stability of virus pseudotypes. Unlike demineralized water, ultrapure water does not contain salts and proteinases that partially impede the pseudotypes’ stability.

For a more detailed breakdown of how ultrapure water optimized virus pseudotypes, read the full article here.

Using ultrapure water systems for virus pseudotype production enabled numerous scientific facilities to trace the entry pathways of viruses and develop antiviral strategies at a faster rate. Aqua Solutions has been a long-time provider of water purifications systems, including Type I and Type II Ultrapure Water Systems, Pure Water Systems, and Hydrogen Generators. Browse through our wide selection of water purification systems by visiting