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Cambrian Innovation Receives Multiple Contracts for Developing Advanced Biotechnologies

Creation Date Monday, 17 November 2014.

Cambrian Innovation, leading provider of bioelectrochemical solutions for both industry and government, received three prestigious contracts from the Department of Defense (DOD) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support their stride in providing environmental solutions through advanced biotechnologies.

Currently, Cambrian has a total contract funding of $1.6 million and is expected to receive $3 million once the three-phase contract completed its first phase on 2015 or 2016. These grants intend to explore how recent breakthroughs in biotechnology potentially enhance the development of water management same as water treatment, testing and remediation.

The DOD and NIH grants are fueled initially to provide substantial and wide-ranging benefits to the national security and human health. “Developing reliable renewable sources of water and effectively monitoring water quality are two of today’s greatest resource challenges,” said Matthew Silver, Cambrian Innovation CEO.

The NIH contracts awarded to Cambrian primarily aim to support projects in treating contamination in groundwater. The two are classified as BTEX Contaminated Groundwater Remediation by Bio-Electrochemical Systems and the Rapid Field Testing Kit for Determining Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater. On the other hand, the DOD grant focuses on harnessing the renewable bioenergy sources released in the water treatment process and to further achieve net-zero alternative goals for the Army and Navy in 2020.

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