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Model: 2700PRD Programmable Remote Dispenser

This Programmable Remote Dispenser delivers a measured volume of deionized water at the press of a button. The operator selects a volume and simply presses a button to deliver the required amount.

The volume is easy to select and is retained in non-volatile memory for repeat operation. Volumes between 0.1 liters and 100 liters can be selected in increments of 0.01 liters. The Dispenser will accurately measure volumes over a flow rate range of 0.6 Liters/minute to 5 Liters/minute.

The controls consist of a three button keypad and a liquid crystal display. The display shows the selected volume and progress during dispensing. A number of additional features are available through the keypad, including pause and restart during dispensing, cancelling dispensing, and a manual “top-off’ control. An audio beep option is provided to indicate when dispensing has finished. Another audio option will produce beeps if the flow rate is outside the limits for accurate volume measurement.

A USB communication interface is included for connection to a PC. All keypad controls can be performed by a computer, with progress and status information passed back to the computer for display.

The Dispenser is powered by a low-voltage 12VDC power supply, making it safe to use in wet environments.

More Information

This dispenser is designed for use on new and existing AQUA SOLUTIONS Water Purification Systems, and can be adapted for use on other systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with existing water systems
  • Safe, low-voltage 12VDC power supply
  • Volumes from 0.1-Liters to 100-Liters
  • Easy to install press-in tube fittings
  • Easy to use three button key pad
  • Adjustable dispensing arm
  • 0.22-Micron final filter
  • USB to PC interface
  • Manual “Top-off”
  • Volume repeat
  • 1 year warranty


Model Number 2700PRD
Enclosure Dimensions 7” x 5” x 3” (178mm x 127mm x 76mm)
Dispensing Arm 5.5” (140mm) Dia. Base - Up to 29” (737mm) Tall
Fluid Connections 1/4” or 5/16” (8mm) tube fittings