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Type II Point of use RODI Systems for Poor Quality Tap Water


Type II water is routinely used for general lab use, feed water to analyzers, pre-treatment for Type I systems, and to wash and rinse glassware either manually or in the final rinse cycle of an automatic glassware washer. AQUA SOLUTIONS' Type II reagent grade RODI Systems produce 2-15 megohm-cm DI water that meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and CLSI standards for Type II water.

To eliminate the cost and inconvenience associated with traditional "Service DI" these Type II Laboratory Water Purification Systems are designed from the ground up to be user-installable and user-serviceable! They include built-in reverse osmosis pre-tretment to lower operating costs and feature continuous recirculation to maintain maximum water purity.

Standard and High Flow versions are available for a variety of applications that require Type II DI water at flow rates of 5-12 LPM. They are also available as higher-flow, high-capacity "DW" systems for glassware washers that require flow rates of 20-40 LPM.

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Hydrogen Generators

Model Number DI Production Flow Rate Resistivity @ 25 °C Feed Water Storage Capacity RO Production
H-40-C 2 LPM2 LPM2-15 MΩ-cmTap WaterRO, 10-Liter10-LPH
H-40-C-H 2 LPM2 LPM2-15 MΩ-cmTap WaterRO, 42-Liter10-LPH